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Carpe Technology: Why students should take advantage of the opportunities available to them today

I recently gave a keynote address at an event focused on inspiring middle school and high school students to pursue careers in technology.

In my talk, I focused on three things: 1) Getting the students excited about the number of technology — driven opportunities available to them today, 2) Encouraging them to vigorously pursue these opportunities and 3) Providing them with tangible examples and strategies to succeed in their pursuit.

I’m going to share some of these thoughts in this post.

The Opportunity Space There are two incontrovertible truths about technology: 1) It always progresses and 2) Today’s students generally have more access to technology than any generation before them.

As a result, the barrier to innovation is probably the lowest it has ever been and with sufficient will, most people can likely see their ideas and innovations through to fruition (although scale of success certainly varies)

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