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Showing posts from October 23, 2011

Protecting Yourself Against Internet Indiscretion

I was recently reminded of an unfortunate reality of the “Internet Age”—despite being part of arguably the most technology savvy generation in history, today’s college students really don't know what they should put on the Internet.  This issue is not new. In fact, it is so prominent that scholars and journalists have given it a name—The Privacy Paradox.  According to the paradox, despite caring about their privacy, people behave recklessly when it comes to their personal information and talking about their private activities

For example, an older Cornell Daily Sun article (“Four Loko Maker to Halt New York State Deliveries by Friday” by Jeff Stein) quoted several students admitting (at least implicitly) to the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The interesting part about this story is not that students were quoted admitting to the consumption of alcohol, but rather that some of them were underage. Not surprisingly, a simple Facebook search of those students' na…