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Klout Matters, but to a Certain Extent

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Why do we care so much about our Klout scores? Some social media experts ask this question almost daily, arguing that Klout doesn't mean much outside of the social media savvy community because we don't actually know how Klout scores and styles are determined. What's more, according to some experts like Aliza Sherman, obsession with Klout may actually be distracting social media users from creating substantive and meaningful relationships within the communities they frequent.

While I agree with Aliza that in an ideal world, we shouldn't really care about influence metrics and should be more concerned about what we are saying, and more importantly about what people are saying about what we are saying, in reality we can't entirely disassociate ourselves from influence metrics. Yes, influential people in the real world such as celebrities and business leaders aren't using Klout to augment their brand, but that's because the …