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Zain's Top 5 Moments of 2012 - Moment #3

This is a multi-post series highlighting what I think were my top moments / events in 2012.

Moment #3 - Getting Married

John's Wedding. Photo Credit: Stephanie Zeng
Okay, the title is a bit misleading, but read on to understand why it makes sense.

There are few things that are more beautiful or sacred than marriage, and I was lucky enough to attend two weddings of very close friends this year. It was scary but oddly reassuring to see my middle school  / high school friends settling down with people they plan on spending the rest of their lives with. Why was it scary? Pretty simple, because seeing your friends get married means we're getting older and that life is getting more serious. But it was also reassuring because I saw that true love and traditional courtship still exist despite all of this talk about how technology is making our relationships impersonal. Don't believe me, just take a look at the smiles in the pictures below.

Let's get specific though on why "getting married" qualifies as my #3 Top Moment of 2012. Three reasons: 1) It was just a lot of fun seeing two of my childhood friends settle down with the women they love most, 2) Participating in John's wedding and attending Lance's prove that friendships are timeless and know no geographic bounds and 3) It got me thinking seriously about my own life.

To put a 30,000 foot view on the third reason, when I was a kid I thought it was weird to talk about marriage (c'mon who didn't?). When I was in high school, I thought I was too awkward for anyone to ever want to marry me. When I got to college, I thought marriage was still too far off to think about. Now that I have seen my friends get married though, I've realized the distance between marriage and me is shortening.

This transition is game changing in my opinion. Indeed, after experiencing it first hand, I am now starting to understand what the culmination of abstract concepts like love and commitment looks like, and it is beautiful.

To be sure, here are a few pictures from the beautiful weddings I was lucky enough to attend this year.

Wedding Party at John & Stephanie's Wedding

Dance-Off at the Reception

John & Stephanie's Ceremony

Lance & Courtney's Wedding at The National in Kansas City

Reception at The National in Kansas City

Hopefully there are more to come in 2013!

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