Zain's Top 5 Moments of 2012 - Moment #5

This is a multi-post series highlighting what I think were my top moments / events in 2012.

Moment #5 - Moving to New York City

It took some getting used to, and it wasn't always easy (especially finding an apartment), but I can now say that moving to New York City has been a life-changing experience. Living in the city has caused me to push the outer limits of my comfort zone. It has widened my range of interests, expanded my portfolio of experiences and served as a baseline for the other items that will appear on this top moments list.

Below are some pictures that illustrate my New York City experience to date:

My first neighborhood in Manhattan

Sunset on the Hudson River

At a choral concert on the West Side
View from the High Line (An elevated train track that has been converted into a park)

West Side rooftop view of the Manhattan skyline
Summer at Washington Square Park
My second neighborhood in Manhattan
With my friend Deepak at his apartment in Manhattan

With my friend Chris at White Horse Tavern in the Financial District

More to come in 2013!
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