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New Years & Christmas: In Photos

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I had a pretty good holiday break, with two trips to diametrically opposite climates. I took a lot of pictures, and some of them were too great not to share. You will find two sets of pictures below, so make sure to go all the way to the bottom. Some of the best pictures are towards the end.

The pictures from Lake Tahoe are my favorite. I have never seen a more beautiful place. There wasn't much snow though, which is very uncharacteristic for this time of year. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience.

Make sure to comment if you like anything in particular. Depending on the interest, I might start a "posts-in-pictures" series to showcase more photographs. Also, check out my photography page for links to even more pictures.

Roger Federer: Five Reasons Federer Won't Make it to the 2012 Australian Open Final

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With his last win in Australia coming in 2010, and no Grand Slam titles since then, can we reasonably expectRoger Federerto make it to the Australian Open finals? Federer's last finals appearance at a Grand Slam tournament was at Roland Garros 2011; he lost in the semi-finals of both Wimbledon and the U.S. Open in 2011. 

While no one can doubt that Federer is among the greatest tennis players to have ever played the game, there are five important reasons that he will probably not make the finals of the first Grand Slam of 2012.

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