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Developer Week San Francisco 2017

I gave a talk on driving installs and downstream engagement for mobile apps at Developer Week San Francisco 2017. You can read more about the event here.

FbStart Los Angeles 2016 - Scaling Growth with Mobile App Ads

Spoke at an FbStart event in Los Angeles to a group of technology founders, marketers, etc. about how to scale their growth using Mobile App Ads. You can learn more about the event here.

Keynote address at Liberty Public Schools's annual Tech Night

Gave the opening keynote address to a group of Liberty Public Schools students, parents and administrators. Discussed the massive opportunity in technology available to young people today and provide tactics on how to seize it. Read more about the event here and my recap of the event here

The New Fan Experience at InnoTech Kansas City 2014

Attended a major information technology conference about the "New Fan Experience" in Sports and Entertainment. Other speakers included SVPs / C - Level Execs of Fortune 500 companies and other major publicly traded and government firms. Read about my session here.

Discussing technology trends in wearables, mobile and sports on KMBZ

Spent an hour talking about major trends in technology alongside startup leaders and entrepreneurs on Kansas City's dedicated business technology radio show with Krista Klaus. Listen to the full show here

Chatting about trends in Sports and Technology on SportsGeek

Had a great discussion about the latest in sports business, technology and more with Sports Geek. Listen to the full podcast here

Invited speaker for the launch of Mobile Monday Kansas City at the TechStars Sprint Accelerator

Discussed what the modern day sports and entertainment experience looks like and what that means for the role of mobile applications. See photos from the event here.

Discussing Smart Phones in Entertainment on KCUR

I talked about the role of smart phones and mobile technology more generally at sports and entertainment venues on KCUR (Kansas City's NPR Affiliate). Listen to the full show here

Speaking at the Points of Light Conference In Washington D.C.

I was featured in The Pencil Program NYC's newsletter for discussing Deloitte Academy and our partnership with the Community School for Social Justice at the Points of Light Conference 2013 in Washington D.C. You can read the full newsletter here

Featured in a Huffington Post Story on Millenial Volunteering

Pencil Program NYC president discussed my story and Deloitte Academy in his piece about the importance of volunteering and how employers should encourage community service among their practitioners. You can read the full article here

Featured By the Pencil Program NYC for Co-Founding Deloitte Academy

The Deloitte Academy is a four-year one-on-one mentoring program designed to help low-income New York City High School students learn the technology, college and career preparedness skills to attend and graduate from a post-secondary institution of their choosing. You can read the full story here

Deloitte iPhone Application

Profiled in Deloitte's "I Want to Be" application. Access the app here

Featured in the Cornell Chronicle 

The Cornell Chronicle featured me for my role in a debate about the value of liberal education in today's pre-professional world. I was invited to host a talk and participate in the debate. You can read the full article here

Quoted in The New York Times

The New York Times selected my tweet regarding what America's international and domestic political goals should be for the next 10 years. You can read the full article here

Quoted in Cornell Chronicle

Discussing the value of Triple Helix writers presenting at the AAAS annual conference in Washington D.C. in my capacity as Executive Director and member of the International Executive Management Team. Read the full article here

Coverage of Flood Relief Event in Chronicle

Coverage of a Pakistan flood relief event that I co-organized with members of the Cornell International Affairs Review. See the full article here

The Research Paper Feature

Profiled for my research on extended deterrence in Cornell's premier undergraduate research magazine, The Research Paper. Read the full article here

College Media Matters Feature

I was profiled on College Media Matters for founding The Triple Helix Online. Read the full profile here.

Cornell Chronicle Feature 

I was featured in the Cornell Chronicle for my work with The Triple Helix Inc., an international non-profit spanning 27 chapters worldwide. Read the full story here.

Career TV - Deloitte Promo

Promotional video for Deloitte, completed during the Summer of 2009. Video can be accessed here.

Deloitte Interview - Barry Salzberg

Selected to interview Deloitte CEO Barry Salzberg about the topics most concerning college students. Read the full description of the video here

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I recently gave a keynote address at an event focused on inspiring middle school and high school students to pursue careers in technology.

In my talk, I focused on three things: 1) Getting the students excited about the number of technology — driven opportunities available to them today, 2) Encouraging them to vigorously pursue these opportunities and 3) Providing them with tangible examples and strategies to succeed in their pursuit.

I’m going to share some of these thoughts in this post.

The Opportunity Space There are two incontrovertible truths about technology: 1) It always progresses and 2) Today’s students generally have more access to technology than any generation before them.

As a result, the barrier to innovation is probably the lowest it has ever been and with sufficient will, most people can likely see their ideas and innovations through to fruition (although scale of success certainly varies)

What does fulfillment mean to you? Here's my take on the subject.

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We all go through these challenges and the trick is to understand what maximizes your fulfillment levels and continue doing those things as long as you can. How I think about fulfillment. I tend to think about fulfillment in binary terms, which is to say that I am either fulfilled or I am not — there isn’t much of a middle ground for me on this. This may not be true for others but feeling fulfilled is nevertheless very important to my quality of life.
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Mindfulness: 5 Proven Tactics to "De-stress"

Cold and flu season are in full swing, application deadlines are looming, and major life changes are on the horizon; in other words, stress is in the air and odds are you are suffering from it. Here are 5 tactics I use to deal with my stress, hopefully some of them will be useful to you.

1. Be Disciplined - This one may seem counter-intuitive at first, as we often hear about "letting loose" as a way of combating stress. I agree and therefore advocate being disciplined about when and how you "let loose." For some, letting loose may mean developing a craft while for others it may be having a nice meal with some friends. Whatever your "letting loose" lever, make sure you regularly set aside time to use it. Personally, I like watching movies, reading a book with a nice cup of black tea or meeting up with good friends. I make it point to do at least one of these things every weekend, most often on Saturdays.