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A summary of my publications.

Academic Writing: Book Chapters / Journals

  • Threats for Peace? The Domestic Distributional Effects of Military Threats in Sanctions, Statecraft and Nuclear Proliferation, edited by Etel Solingen, Cambridge University Press, 2012 (Co-Authored with Prof. Sarah Kreps). Preview Chapter
  • 2009. Torturing America: Securing the U.S. National Interest. Cornell International Affairs Review 4 (1) (Selected as featured article). Preview Paper
  • "Atoms for More Atoms: The Proliferation Inducing Potential of Peaceful Nuclear Assistance," Cornell University, Honors Thesis, 2011

    Sports Writing: Bleacher Report

    • 2011. "Andy Roddick Cracking Jokes? Andy's U.S. Open Post-Match Interview." The Bleacher Report. August. <>
    • 2011. "Tennis is Dismal at Best: The Concerning State of the Sport in America," The Bleacher Report. February. <> (Featured Article, and placed on
    • 2010. "Roger Redux: What's Going Through Fed's Head?" The Bleacher Report. April. <>
    • 2010. "Donald Young's Broken Promise: What Happened to the Former Phenom?" The Bleacher Report. March. <>
    • 2010. "Looking to the Dirt: Why Nadal's Injuries Could be Worse for Federer", The Bleacher Report. March. <>
    • 2009. Denuclearizing the World: The Lecture the U.S. Missed. The Triple Helix Online. (Selected as Online Feature)

    Opinion: Cornell Daily Sun Pieces

    • 2011. "Ensuring Africana and Cornell", The Cornell Daily Sun. January.
    • 2011. "Acts of Faith",  The Cornell Daily Sun. February. Link

    Popular posts from this blog

    Carpe Technology: Why students should take advantage of the opportunities available to them today

    I recently gave a keynote address at an event focused on inspiring middle school and high school students to pursue careers in technology.

    In my talk, I focused on three things: 1) Getting the students excited about the number of technology — driven opportunities available to them today, 2) Encouraging them to vigorously pursue these opportunities and 3) Providing them with tangible examples and strategies to succeed in their pursuit.

    I’m going to share some of these thoughts in this post.

    The Opportunity Space There are two incontrovertible truths about technology: 1) It always progresses and 2) Today’s students generally have more access to technology than any generation before them.

    As a result, the barrier to innovation is probably the lowest it has ever been and with sufficient will, most people can likely see their ideas and innovations through to fruition (although scale of success certainly varies)

    What does fulfillment mean to you? Here's my take on the subject.

    I think about fulfillment a lot lately, specifically about what it takes for me to feel fulfilled, and how I can maintain that feeling through the ebbs and flows of my personal and professional life. 
    I don’t have all the answers but my main purpose in writing this piece is to reassure you that you are not alone in the challenges you may face with personal and professional fulfillment. 
    We all go through these challenges and the trick is to understand what maximizes your fulfillment levels and continue doing those things as long as you can. How I think about fulfillment. I tend to think about fulfillment in binary terms, which is to say that I am either fulfilled or I am not — there isn’t much of a middle ground for me on this. This may not be true for others but feeling fulfilled is nevertheless very important to my quality of life.
    A higher level of fulfillment also has a lot of tangential benefits including improved health (i.e., I get sick less often), happier personal relationsh…

    Mindfulness: 5 Proven Tactics to "De-stress"

    Cold and flu season are in full swing, application deadlines are looming, and major life changes are on the horizon; in other words, stress is in the air and odds are you are suffering from it. Here are 5 tactics I use to deal with my stress, hopefully some of them will be useful to you.

    1. Be Disciplined - This one may seem counter-intuitive at first, as we often hear about "letting loose" as a way of combating stress. I agree and therefore advocate being disciplined about when and how you "let loose." For some, letting loose may mean developing a craft while for others it may be having a nice meal with some friends. Whatever your "letting loose" lever, make sure you regularly set aside time to use it. Personally, I like watching movies, reading a book with a nice cup of black tea or meeting up with good friends. I make it point to do at least one of these things every weekend, most often on Saturdays.